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Published on June 7, 2016 by Kasia Rain

Kasia Rain is a Motivational Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Author and Entrepreneur best known for creating the FOGA Fitness method and The Official Model Body Workout, which has gained praise from Top Brands and companies Such as L.V, Prada, Gucci, Paul Fisher, Elite Models and more.

Her book series Healthy & Simple with Kasia Rain has also been hailed as the Ultimate nutrition guide and one stop shop, for people who are making a positive transition to clean eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Kasia’s Fit and healthy journey started in her mid teens after overcoming her own battle with eating disorders. After many years of research, diets and extreme workouts hypes, Kasia discovered that the key to most of our happiness when it comes to health and nutrition could best be achieved with one simple word… Balance.

Kasia discovered that by eating and working out 80% for her body and 20% for her soul, she was able to find a peaceful and positive balance which she then applied to training people plus writing and creating her unique workout methods and books for the masses.

Her non-medicating techniques and treatment for thyroid through proper diet and exercise have been a blessing to women everywhere as she continues her Daily, Life goal and passion of helping people from all around the world find the peace and balance for a healthy and happy life.

Followers and loyal fans love her fun and vibrant character as well as her simplistic way of communicating the do’s and don’ts when it comes to fitness and nutrition, all while sporting some of the most Fit n Fashionable outfits online which has also sparked an entire movement of like minded Fit Fashionnista’s.

Stay connected with Kasia through her Website, Workouts, Books, Health, Fitness & Fashion Blogs, Social media, and Workout retreats.

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