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Is Your “Fit girl” Role Model selling you crap?

“Fit girl” sell outs? Fitness is in, and healthy food and lifestyles are totally in! That’s good! More and more people are getting motivated to be healthy and make lifestyle changes… But… what is also very in right now are the self proclaimed fitness and food experts, very often someone who has lost a little […]

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How to Free Yourself from eating disorders!  - Kasia Rain Blog

Free Yourself from the “Not thin/dry/perfect enough yet” disease!

Do you know that an eating disorder is not just when you look underweight or overweight. An eating disorder is not based on the “look”, it is not a Body disease, it is a disease of the Mind… Even someone who looks extremely fit and healthy can be suffering from an eating disorder on the […]

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How to Take care of your thyroid issues Naturally! - Kasia Rain Blog

How to Take care of your thyroid issues naturally!

The subject I would like to touch on today just so happens to be one of the most common problems in today’s society amongst woman. The thyroid… The thyroid controls almost all of the metabolic processes in our bodies. I myself have an auto-immune thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s and I’m not quite sure if it […]

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