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Healthy & Simple Breakfast- buckwheat wrap with egg (gluten free)

This one is very nice if you like to “pimp up” a little your simple omelette and give it a nice variation. Also a good one when just an egg is just not enough and you feel like having some carbs with it as well but you don’t eat bread (gluten). I love buckwheat in […]

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How to stay fit during Christmas Holiday

So… it’s the time of the year, we all love Christmas right? Times spend with your loved ones, presents, good times… and lets not forget about the amazing food! All the diners, deserts, wine! So how do you say fit in between all that? Here is the secret…. You don’t! Why would you? It’s once […]

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Zdrowe i Proste! Kuleczki z indyka i quinoa na liściach sałaty

Nie wiem jak wy ale ja lubie jak zdrowe jest tez szybkie i proste w przygotowaniu 😉 Swietny pomysl na zdrowy obiad lub lunch! Jedz zdrowo i czuj sie swietnie! 🙂 Składniki: -150g chudego mielonego indyka – 1 jajko – 3 łyżki ugotowanej quinoa – 2 świeże ząbki czosnku (posiekanych) – ½ cebuli (posiekanej) – […]

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Healthy & Simple Clean Eats! Turkey Quinoa Meatballs in Lettuce Wraps

Looking for a quick and delicious dinner or lunch idea? This one is great if you eating low carb and high protein! I’m all about Healthy but Simple cooking 😉 Give it a try! Ingredients: – 150gr lean turkey mince – 1 egg – 3 spoons of cooked quinoa – 2 fresh garlic cloves (chopped) […]

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Healthy & Simple Zucchini soup with zucchini patties by Kasia Rain (Gluten and diary free)

➡️Healthy, Delicious lunch or dinner idea! Vegetarian, gluten and diary free! 🙂 Zucchini Soup with Zucchini Patties: ➡️Ingredients: Soup: ✅ zucchini ✅ 300 ml vegetable bouillon (cooled) ✅ 1/4 onion ✅ a little garlic clove ✅ lemon ✅ dill (fresh or dried) ➡️Directions: Blend the zucchini, onion, garlic and bouillon in the blender until becomes […]

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How to achieve Your “Killerbody”

This is the most talked about thing at the moment… Everybody wants it, everybody is working on it…. The Perfect physique aka the “Killerbody”. Is it always wrong? Personally, I don’t think that anything is wrong until it becomes negative to You! Everybody is different and there is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself […]

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Is Your “Fit girl” Role Model selling you crap?

“Fit girl” sell outs? Fitness is in, and healthy food and lifestyles are totally in! That’s good! More and more people are getting motivated to be healthy and make lifestyle changes… But… what is also very in right now are the self proclaimed fitness and food experts, very often someone who has lost a little […]

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10 Tips on how to start Your Healthy journey and get YOUR Perfect Body

10 Tips on how to start Your Healthy Journey! First of all don’t start any crazy, extreme crash diets. Approach it in a more realistic and gentle way. Here are some tips: 1. Small portions: Make your portions smaller and eat 4 to 6 meals a day, 3 bigger ones, and 1 to 3 little […]

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How to stay motivated, achieve and maintain Your Perfect Body goal?

What are my favorite the ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to getting in shape and maintaining a healthy goal weight?
 1. The most important is having the right state of mind behind the goal, do it for your health and out of self love instead of just being focused on the physical rewards. 2. […]

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Is Your Healthy Diet Working? - Kasia Rain Blog

Is Your Healthy Diet Working?

Organic, superfood, bio, clean and so on doesn’t mean there are no calories and therefore “I can eat as much as I want”. That’s a very common mistake people make when it comes to food. Healthy eating has become very popular lately and that’s a good thing because people are becoming more conscious about their […]

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