How to stay fit during Christmas Holiday

So… it’s the time of the year, we all love Christmas right? Times spend with your loved ones, presents, good times… and lets not forget about the amazing food! All the diners, deserts, wine! So how do you say fit in between all that? Here is the secret….

You don’t! Why would you? It’s once a year and it’s should be a very special time so this is definitely not the moment to overthink your body shape and count calories.

I understand that you probably worry about screwing up all the hard work you have been doing but trust me you wont gain 10 kg during 2 fun days with your family. Yes of course your abs might disappear for a moment and you will hold some extra water but it will go away once you will get back on track again.

It’s so easy to get your body back in shape but it wont be possible to get the time back, the time with your loved ones, the laugh at the diner table, the cake your grandmother made, all the presents, this all is priceless and not worth sacrificing for some ego reasons.
So just stop overthinking it too much and give yourself a little break. No guilt feelings either! This will just make you feel negative and Christmas should be everything besides negative.

So should you go all the way and binge till you can’t breathe? No of course not. That would also end up in a very negative feeling.
Don’t do the “all or nothing” thing either.
Enjoy the Christmas, eat the things you normally wouldn’t but normal human being portions 😉 Don’t do with a mind set like “Omg I only get to do that now so I might as well stuff myself as full as possible”, that’s wrong. Again it’s overthinking it, just in the other way around.
Focus on your loved ones, presents, time spent together and forget the “fitness lifestyle” for a moment, don’t worry because if you really passionate about your fit life you will get back to it and even stronger too!
Breaks like this are good, both physically and mentally.

What can help you to loosen up like this is to already set up a plan of action for yourself for after the Christmas. Ask Santa for a new gym outfit, find new workouts you would like to try, set a goal for yourself and you will get more exited about getting back to the gym after the Holiday.
So enough said, don’t worry to much about staying in shape during Christmas and go ahead and focus on having an amazing time instead.
Getting in Shape after having a good time is way more pleasant than constantly being in the “I’m trying to stay in shape” mode.
With this simple advice I would love to wish you all very Merry Christmas and I will see you after to keep you motivated and active when it’s time for it! See you soon! Don’t forget to bring your workout clothes then 😉 Merry Christmas!

xoxo Kasia