How to achieve Your “Killerbody”

This is the most talked about thing at the moment… Everybody wants it, everybody is working on it…. The Perfect physique aka the “Killerbody”.

Is it always wrong? Personally, I don’t think that anything is wrong until it becomes negative to You! Everybody is different and there is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself and especially when you are a couch potato, having a gold card memebership at the McDonalds who turns into motivated goal getter.

It all comes down to the mindset, the way you are doing it and the reason why you are doing it… I think everybody should strive to be the best version of them self but definitely not in a way that is damaging their body and mind just to achieve a “look”. That’s ego driven and wont make you happy…

So how it goes wrong?

Here you are! Fit freak with the killerbody!
But how balanced are you? Do you still feel great, fit, positive and full of energy?
If your answer is Yes, Congratulations! You have managed to find the perfect balance to the healthy and happy life! Keep it up!

Or maybe you have crossed the thin line and become extreme, obsessed and actually unhealthy?

Ok let me tell you something. We are all aware that having a healthy, fit lifestyle is really taking over, we are confronted with it daily and that’s a good thing! But….

Like I said there is a very thin line between changing your lifestyle to a more conscious and active one and becoming a total control freak, which in the long run can actually end up making you, feel obsessed, guilty and just negative. That happens when you lose your balance, when you lose healthy control, when you are looking up to unrealistic and extreme “role models”.
Working out 6 days a week, both morning and evening, and eating 1200 calories a day is one of the examples out there making you think that unless you do the same you will never achieve the body you want, or be fit and “healthy”.

The good news is, you can have a beautiful and fit body together with a healthy mind without becoming extreme. Don’t ever give up your happiness, health and mental freedom for some ego driven goals. Do it the right way, the balanced way and do it for you, for the right reasons. If you’re not happy with your current body, if your feel out of shape, have bad condition and overall you just don’t feel healthy and fit, that’s the moment you should make the decision to change something. You are designed to feel good, to be happy, your body is the “home” for your soul, you want your soul to live in a healthy, harmonious home right? This is the reason you should want to get healthier. Don’t do it because you think people will love you if you look just like the popular girl… It’s wrong start if you feel like you have to look a certain way because that’s the standard or to get confirmation. You are good enough just as you are and if you don’t feel fit that’s your reason to change something. For You!

Let’s go back to the healthy lifestyle subject. Do I know it all? Of course not! But I have been there, I have done it the wrong way too. I know how it feels to become so controlling that you actually loose control. The moment when healthy becomes unhealthy. You start to feel guilty and sad and that is faaaaaaaar away from healthy. You know what healthy is? When you feel happy, good, full of energy, feel pretty and positive, when you feel like you can take on the world. That’s healthy! How do you get there? Well, you wont get there by starting to live in the gym and eating 1200 calories a day, oh yes! Almost forgot… of course no carbs at all 😉 After a while you will find yourself feeling obsessed and your life will be taken over by this “lifestyle”. You will feel guilty every time you “fail” by missing one workout or by eating a cookie. That will make you feel negative and angry with yourself and that’s dangerous for your self-esteem, it will sabotage the love you should have for yourself. Don’t ever lose the love for your self. Every change you make do it consciously, do it with love and your body will love you back by working with you, not against you.

Ok so you have made the first step, you’ve made the decision, what’s next?

Decide a goal for yourself and then a plan of action. Remember to be realistic 😉
It’s good to look up to fitness models, fashion models or wherever you get inspired to get some motivation but don’t ever try to become someone else. Your goal is to become the best version of you. The you, you always wanted to be, you know the one you see in your head, I know you know what I’m talking about because we all have the image of how we really see ourselves in our head. You can be that person!

Unfortunately the positive mindset alone wont get you there… So you need to make sure to get the right information and help when it comes to the nutrition and workout part. Whether is a personal trainer, online coach or other professional source that will suit your lifestyle and possibilities.

Of course you will need a little discipline to achieve your goals, that’s necessary with everything, not only when it comes to your fitness goals. We all know that if you want to succeed whether it’s your work, relationships or any other goal, you will have to put effort in for it to work, to be successful! Discipline, willpower, right information and positive mindset are the most important components to win.

Start by making a small changes, observe your body, how it feels, challenge yourself a bit, get out of your comfort zone. If you kept doing something a certain way for the last few years and it didn’t work, it means you have to change something. Change is good. Nobody is comfortable with change but most of the time it is because your mind is giving you all the excuses why you shouldn’t, once you take the step you will feel great, you will see that it wasn’t actually that big of a deal at all. Last but not least, be realistic don’t make drastic changes or set crazy expectations for yourself because when you fail it will discourage you from trying again. Before you look at somebody who you think has it all, remember that all you see out there is what people choose to show you, everything looks perfect from behind your computer or tv, the model you are looking up too might actually be unhappy and would love to have your life.

So be grateful for what you have while your working on what you want. During your journey take a little time to slow down every now and then to check with yourself, to ask yourself if you’re still happy, if it feels good, if the answer is yes, you are doing a great job, if not then just take a break for a moment and analyse yourself, see what you need to change in order to feel happy. If you always stay true and honest with yourself you will know the answer.

So enough said, now it’s time for you to go out there and be the best version of you but always remember: Don’t kill yourself for the Killerbody! 😉 

Kasia Rain xxx