Is Your “Fit girl” Role Model selling you crap?

“Fit girl” sell outs?

Fitness is in, and healthy food and lifestyles are totally in! That’s good! More and more people are getting motivated to be healthy and make lifestyle changes… But… what is also very in right now are the self proclaimed fitness and food experts, very often someone who has lost a little weight and likes to workout and eat healthy so they’ve decided to now share their “experience” with you! There is nothing wrong with that when it is just to motivate you by using their own story but there is aspect that might be a problem…

You see, there are also people who only care about the fact that fitness as a business is booming and will use their position as a role model to gain a pretty good following just to sell you products, services and also to get attention… Most of the time they have a real job during the week that has nothing to do with health or fitness and they do that “fit thing” on the side. You know there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a hobby that might turn into making some money but there is some type of responsibility when it comes to health and giving out information about it, especially when having a large following that most of the time consists of young girls looking for real help in achieving their fitness and health goals…

So how does it work? Well this “Fit girl” who has got an interesting amount of followers will get approached by different brands with products, services etc and will then very nonchalantly sell you these products and services, very often without you even noticing it. But if you look closer, for example, at that instagram page you will see that it is almost unreal, it is like an ad, filled with products and fake posed pictures making you follow and see things they need you to see… Every post has to make sense, it’s posted around the same time of the day because they have done their study on when and how to post so the most amount of people will see it.
Is it completely wrong? No, there is nothing wrong with collaborating with brands and using your following. So what is the problem? I think things like fashion and style blogging is mostly innocent… The only thing that might go wrong is that you will end up wearing the wrong colour pants with the wrong colour top or something… lol

But I’m talking more about the Health and Fitness role models out there, because playing with people’s health is a different story…
It becomes disturbing when they promote products or services that are not really healthy or good for you at all… that’s misusing peoples trust and giving them the wrong information which can actually sabotage their health journey.
Also I think there is another thing missing…a true passion… I’m missing the realness… I’m all for building a business but passion needs to come first! If every post needs to make sense and is all planned ahead and well thought out just to sell it’s no different than TV commercials that use human psyche analyses to know how to stimulate our brains to buy their products. They don’t really care about you… They will sell you products such as low fat yoghurt drinks filled with aspartame, or “low sugar” syrup claiming it’s good for you just because they low in calories doesn’t mean they won’t harm your body… Stick with nature!
Also you will get a lot of useless products like hair bands, necklaces, earrings, wallets and other stuff that are maybe innocent but will they help you get healthy?

I love collaborating with brands that I stand behind 100%, healthy products that I think should be seen by as many people as possible. Personally I sometimes promote products of brands who don’t even work with me. When I see and experience a product that can help others I’m more than happy to show it too!

So how do you know now what is real and what is not? Everybody is selling something right?

Someone whose first concern is about sharing good information with you will try to motivate you. They will share good and useful products and services that will help you on your health journey. They will give you real and helpful advice and yes, they might sell you some things as well but most of the time it will be something related to a Healthy Lifestyle and also something that is meant to help you.
Just look closer into what someone’s real profession is… Is fitness and health their full time job or just something they are doing on the side of their real “non fitness/health” job? And like I said, nothing wrong with the hobby “fit freaks” as long as you get motivated to do something towards bettering yourself it’s fine just stay focused and always listen to your body and don’t just “blind” believe all you see…

So shout out to all the real passionate people out there caring about Healthy lifestyles first and the business second and not caring about the attention at all…

I pride myself on being able to say that I’m here out of a real passion and with a lot of experience to help you and show you how a healthy lifestyle can change your life! Realness and Happiness first! xoxo