How to stay motivated, achieve and maintain Your Perfect Body goal?

What are my favorite the ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to getting in shape and maintaining a healthy goal weight?

1. The most important is having the right state of mind behind the goal, do it for your health and out of self love instead of just being focused on the physical rewards.

2. Start with small changes, little steps, extreme diets and fitness regime will cause your body to break after few weeks and make you lose the motivation to stick to it.

3. Eat natural foods, that will make you feel full and energized and motivate you to train.

4. Avoid processed foods, junk food, all food filled with chemicals, trans fats and sugars, they will not only sabotage your body goals but also demotivate you mentally, these foods “steal” your energy! Start with:

– Getting rid of soda’s, replace it with water (ad some lemon for the taste)
– Smaller portions and more often
– No dressings and croutons on your salads
– Grill your meat and fish instead of deep-frying it.
– Steam or grill your veggies
– Snack with carrots and cucumbers instead of candy or chips.
– Green tea instead of coffee
– Pure organic chocolate instead of milk chocolate bars
– Don’t skip breakfast
– Don’t go too long without eating, it will cause you to make bad food choices
– When in a restaurant ask for dressing or sauce on the side and choose grilled or oven dishes and skip the breadbasket.

5. Workout:
– Get yourself a nice workout outfit (Looking good is the first step to feeling good).
– Plan your workouts in the agenda.
– Find a workout buddy and motivate each other.
– Don’t overthink when trying to get in the gym. Just do it ;).


And Remember!

Always stay close to yourself and do it together with your body instead of fighting it, don’t tell your body it’s ugly and you hate it, even if your not happy with your current look tell yourself: “This is me, my body and maybe I’m not at my best physical version of me right now but I love myself and that’s why I will do something about it because me and my body deserve to be the best we can be”.

Don’t sabotage your journey by telling yourself “ I have to workout”, “I have to eat healthy”, humans don’t like to do things they have to do, so tell yourself “I want to workout because it’s good for me”, ‘I can eat junk food but I choose not to because I deserve better, I deserve healthy food”. That will motivate you to stick to your goal and make your journey a positive experience.

Don’t make unrealistic and unhealthy goals for yourself it will make you feel deprived and depressed, don’t starve yourself, don’t over train, listen to your body. There is a thin line between healthy disciple and obsession so make sure you feel good, healthy and full of energy! Enjoy the journey instead of rushing to the destination!