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Is Your Healthy Diet Working?

Organic, superfood, bio, clean and so on doesn’t mean there are no calories and therefore “I can eat as much as I want”.

That’s a very common mistake people make when it comes to food. Healthy eating has become very popular lately and that’s a good thing because people are becoming more conscious about their health and fitness.

The thing that I wanted to write about is how people often think that if they eat lots of organic superfoods they will lose weight and achieve the “perfect” body. Well… that’s not the case… Of course it’s good to eat healthy because our body needs good nutrition and snacking on some almonds will always be better then snacking on chips, but it still doesn’t mean that you will achieve your fitness goals by eating a bunch of healthy foods alone.

My point is that even if a product is organic, gluten free, sugar free etc it doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want and not gain weight. When you try to lose weight the first thing you need to do is cut down on the calories. You need to eat less calories than your body burns, that’s when you will start to lose weight, that’s it! The other thing is to understand what your body needs. To be able to perform at your best you need the right amount of protein, carbs and fats. I don’t believe in cutting any of them out, I don’t believe in any type of miracle diet, those are short term, you will lose some weight but only for a moment, then it will come back and often with some extra, bonus, kilos 😉

Why eat healthy then? Well most of the time healthy food has less calories than pizza, candy or other fast food. It is also nutritious and gives you energy and an overall “good feeling” which makes it easier to stay on track. For example, it is very difficult to eat just a few chips or one piece of candy so you will overeat easily, whereas eating a grilled chicken with some rice and vegetables is going to make you feel satisfied and full for longer. You see, your body doesn’t really know when you eat an apple or a piece of chicken, because your body is a machine and it uses the food you’re putting in it as a fuel to do things, just like you put gas in your car to be able to drive it.

So what happens is you eat something and your body, this amazing and smart machine “looks” at the fuel and does its work of putting the protein, carbs, fats, and vitamins all in the places where they should go. That’s why it’s so important to know what your actual daily nutrition intake should be, of course according to your personal goals.

Back to the organic food… is it still good to eat “clean”? Is it better than eating fast foods etc? Yes of course! The same as your body “sees” all the nutrition from the food you put in it, it also “sees” the chemicals, artificial colours and flavours, hormones, antibiotics and all the other “crap” that you see in many products these days. Our body is designed to eat natural, fresh foods, food that comes from the farm not from the lab, if it comes from the lab, it also takes a lab to digest it. This is why I recommend to eat “clean”, it simply gives you more energy, makes you feel better, look better and perform better so it makes it easier to achieve your goals. Will just eating “clean” foods make you lose weight? No, just eating “clean” won’t do it, it will definitely help, but you still need to know how much of it you should eat.

You can eat a huge portion of quinoa porridge full of nuts, berries, honey etc and be thinking that you now live healthy and will be able to lose weight, get toned, and be fit, but in reality you will only gain weight because you simply eat too much. Same as when you hear people say, “I eat lots of chicken, chicken is healthy”, yes chicken is healthy but you need to know how much chicken you should eat. People gain weight when they eat too much, whether it’s healthy or unhealthy food.

My point is… you need to make sure you know what your actual needs are according to your goals, and once you know them and incorporate them into your daily life you are on the right track to achieve your dream body ;).